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Window Design - Woodfold Shutters

Broadview Shutters

$ 960.00

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an example of a shade 46" x 46", 2 panel, painted,

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Woodfold Custom Hardwood Shutters

 Shutters  Shutters  Shutters

Nothing adds more style and character to a home or office than custom-crafted hardwood shutters,
and no one offers greater choice or finer quality than Woodfold.
Whether the setting calls for the classic elegance of our Plantation Shutters or the friendly warmth of Woodfold's Traditional styling,
you're assured of the finest in furniture-quality materials made to last a lifetime.

We’re able to meet virtually any architectural challenge arched or slanted windows, circular openings, French door applications.
And our finishing techniques, either staining or painting, add grace to every room.

We are pleased to inform you that we have specific hardwoods as an alternative to our standard Western Red Alder:


 Shutters  Shutters  Shutters

Bring home the best of both worlds

Shutters that evoke the slow-paced graciousness
of a by-gone era, yet stand up to the wear and tear
of today's high-energy lifestyle, beautifully.
The perfect fit for any setting, any room, any décor,
Woodfold's Broadview series of Plantation Shutters
reflect the essence of our company.

They're precision hand-crafted of the finest hardwoods
painstakingly finished to a furniture-quality sheen.
And we are experts at crafting specialty shapes and sizes
for virtually any architectural challenge.
Like every Woodfold creation, including our Traditional Shutters
we carefully cradle each order for shipping to assure safe delivery.

 Shutters  Shutters  Shutters

Woodfold Custom Hardwood Plantation Shutters are designed to provide greater louver control, enhanced viewability and a lifetime of smooth, flawless operation.
Moreover, absolute precision of sizing is ensured by checks in every step of fabrication, finishing and shipping, which explains our reputation for problem-free installation.
Also, every order is protectively wrapped and packed in its own custom-built crate to assure its arrival in perfect condition.

Product Details
Panel Thickness: 1-1/16"; 3/4" also available
Panel Width: 9" to 48"
Top and Bottom Rail: 13/16" thick; minimum 3-3/8" wide
Stile: 1-1/16" thick; 2" wide
Louver Sizes: 1-7/8"; 2 1/2", 3 1/2", 4 1/2", 5 1/2"
Tilt Bar: 5/8" thick; 1/2 wide
Finishes: Standard and custom paints and stains
Standard ship time: 3 to 4 weeks

 Shutters  Shutters

Broadview Shutters 1-7/8", 2-1/2", 3-1/2", 4-1/2" and 5-1/2" louvers

Add heightened drama and beauty to an already stunning room with a window treatment able to complement its unique architectural style.

Custom-crafted Plantation Shutters offer maximum viewability when open, yet provide total privacy with the flick of a finger when desired.
Hand-finishing, with stain meticulously matched to existing woodwork, adds warmth and richness.

The Designer's Vision:
To provide privacy and add elegance to an exclusive waterfront home without jeopardizing its breathtaking view.

Plantation shutters, custom-stained to match existing millwork, are precision-crafted to fit even the most unusual window profile and echo the architecture elegance of the room.

The architectural interest of a home’s uniquely-shaped windows, without detracting from its million-dollar seaside view.

Wide-view Plantation Shutters offer both dazzling views and, when needed, total privacy, while also emphasizing the home’s dramatic design.

Traditional Shutters - 1-1/4" louver

Custom Hardwood Traditional Shutters
An age-old favorite made even better by today's technology, Woodfold's Traditional Shutters are equally at home in both the quaintest country cottage and sleekest, trendiest office suite.
Our raw materials and machining processes ensure unmatched product integrity, yes.
But it's the skill of our people who turn a select piece of hardwood into a flawlessly finished product, who hand-craft specialty solutions to fit any shape or size of opening, who, employing the same dedication they apply to our Plantation Shutters, create true works of art made to last a lifetime.

Woodfold Custom Hardwood Traditional Shutters are engineered, crafted and finished to provide a lifetime of smooth, flawless operation.
In every step of fabrication, from machining through finishing and packaging for shipment, each order is checked and rechecked to ensure proper sizing.
Also, every order leaves our facility in a custom-built-to-size crate, so upon arrival at its destination, it's in pristine condition.

Traditional Shutters - Product Details

Panel Thickness: 3/4"
Panel Width: 8" to 26"
Top and Bottom Rail: 9/16" thick; minimum 2" wide
Stile: 3/4" thick, 1-3/8" wide
Louver Sizes: 1-1/4" Standard ( small scale frames can be adapted to larger louvers )
Tilt Bar: 3/8" thick; 5/16" wide
Finishes: Standard and custom paints and stains
Standard Ship Time: 3 to 4 weeks -

Specialty Shapes

Hardwood Shutter - Stains & Finishes

Woodfold hardwood shutters are custom-crafted of specially selected Western Red Alder – our own proprietary grade developed together with Weyerhaeuser Company to meet our stringent performance requirements.
This furniture-quality species, noted for its exceptionally even texture and fine, smooth grain, provides an unsurpassed surface for smooth, lustrous finishes – vibrant paints and deep, rich stains able to match any existing millwork.
Of course, we use only 100 percent water-reductible lacquer and acrylic latex products – finishes which are not only environmentally safe, but also much more durable and long-lasting than solvent-based products.

Our use of the finest natural hardwoods enables us to apply rich, gorgeous finishes – clear lacquers, custom stains and/or paints – that truly bring out their stunning appearance.
In addition to standard stains and paints, we can custom match our finishes to your existing millwork or décor.

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