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Manufacturering since 1966!

The decision to purchase window coverings or window treatments is a choice you will live with for many years, perhaps decades.
Because it represents such a substantial investment of your time, energy, and money,
it is our opinion that being able to look at the window coverings you are planning to buy is an important step in your decision-making process.
A Skandia dealer is knowledgeable about the quality and features of our window covering products and can guide you to products that meet your needs.
They can also bring samples to your home so you can see, touch, and evaluate the fine distinction of their quality, details, and finish first-hand.

Widely recognized as an industry leader,
Skandia offers an unbeatable combination of style and value in a broad selection of window covering products.
You’ll also appreciate Skandia’s quality and affordability both now and well into the future.

Just as important as being able to offer you everything from mini blinds to shutters,
Skandia Window Fashions has an exceptionally dynamic team of dedicated employees in our production,
marketing, sales, and customer service departments that are ready to serve you.


$ 246.00 Price Index,
An example of a shade 46" x 46", Moon Dance fabric,
Prices subject to change, current to last website update.

Our Solanna cellular shades offer distinctive smooth and textured fabrics from sheer to opaque,

in single cell construction. Solanna's extensive array of fabrics provides multiple levels of privacy, light control, sound absorption, and energy efficiency.
The cellular fabric construction traps air for maximum energy efficiency and sound absorption and conceals cords and cord holes to provide maximum privacy.
The trim unobtrusive head rail renders a clean, uncluttered appearance. Specialty shapes, and optional operating systems provide complete design freedom and flexibility.

Custom Options for Solanna shades

Our Cord Free Lift System eliminates lift cords, for a clean look and greater child and pet safety.
A light tug of the bottom rail easily lifts or lowers shades. Not available with Moonglow, Passion, Night Mantle, or Moonbeam fabrics.

An upgrade headrail that is fabric wrapped and is easily operated.
The installation bracket is a one-piece bracket rail.
The Malibu headrail is 11/16"x 1-1/2" and is color coordinated with the optional fabric wrap.

Our Simple Ascent Lift System with its continuous loop secured by a Cord Guide keeps dangling cords off your floor for a clean look and greater child and pet safety.
Sleek, European-styled design that featured built-in looking valance.

CeAnna, Vertical Cellular Shade

$ 423.00 Price Index,

an example of a shade 46" x 46", Pacifica fabric,

Prices subject to change, current to last website update.

CeAnna Vertical Cellular
is a versatile, clean, contemporary cellular product that is great for sliding glass doors and large window spans.
CeAnna can also be used as a room divider; an expanding decor option.

Treanna Window Shadings

Dreamy soft, light and airy, Skandia's Treanna features soft fabric vanes layered between two elegant sheers.
Treanna's light diffusing or room darkening vane and double sheer fabrics blend to create a unique visual experience.
Close for full privacy, open to reveal a veiled view of the outside or anywhere in between Treanna features five modes of operational views in light filtering and room darkening fabrics.

Melhanna Woven Wood

$ 174.00 Price Index,

an example of a shade 46" x 46", Madagascar 4 fabric,

Prices subject to change, current to last website update.

Welcome the new, natural works of our Melhanna Woven Wood Shades a casually elegant collection of carefully selected bamboos, rattan, reeds, jutes, and woods.
These beautiful natural materials offer great design flexibility.
Popular styles, from Abacus to Zig-Zag, make creating an ambiance that reflects your lifestyle effortless.

Material Type: Bamboos, Rattan, Reeds, Jutes, Woods and Yarns

Melhanna Standard Roller

$ 218.00 Price Index,

an example of a shade 46" x 46", SW4100 fabric,

Prices subject to change, current to last website update.

Skandia Melhanna Roller Shades
offer a wide choice of high quality fabrics in both solids and textures with opacities ranging from transparent to room darkening.
Perfectly suited for home or office applications, our Melhanna Collection promises to be a stunning combination of simplicity, sophistication, versatility and value.
Experience the return of the shade with Melhanna.

Custom Options for Melhanna Standard Roller

Below are the custom options available for the Melhanna Standard Roller.
Standard Cassette Roller System
The Standard Cassette Roller System is perfectly designed to blend with today's decorating themes. The valance enhances today's architecture with its sleek euro style. Available as a solid fascia or a fabric insert option. Cassette colors for solid fascia are white, black and silver. Cassette colors for fabric insert option are white and black. The cassette only allows roll type as standard only. No reverse roll available. Minimum width: 24". Maximum width: 98".

Standard Roller System
This is the finest roller shade system on the market. Clutch and Pin End use the same bracket. This design allows bracket sharing which reduces light gaps on multiple shades. The spring loaded end plug with telescoping pin makes installation easier by allowing a full 1/4" variation in measurements. The bracket covers give your shade a more finished look. Our 1 1/4", 1 5/8" and 1 3/4" aluminum roller tubes are strong enough to handle an 8 foot wide by 10 foot long shade without the slightest hint of bow or slippage. Round, fabric covered bottomrail or flat fabric-wrapped bottomrail provides total color coordination.

Roll Type
Reverse Roll
An option on Roller shades where the fabric rolls off of the front of the shade instead of the back.

Standard Roll
An option on Roller shades where the fabric rolls off of the back of the shade instead of the front.

3" and 4" Fabric Insertable Valances
Both a 3" and a 4" fabric insertable valance is available for the Standard Roller System. A 4" fabric insertable valance is available for the Deluxe Roller System.

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